Olympiad 2021 [e-book Edition]
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Olympiad 2021 [e-book Edition]

The "International Origami Olympiad 2021" is a friendly competition. Here is Round #1 and #2 with instructions to fold 12 new and exclusive models. Test your folding skills!

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Olympiad 2021


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Product Details: The "International Origami Olympiadis a friendly contest which offer each year a list of new models to fold by the participants. 
Here is the list of models for the year 2021:


Round 1:

Task 1: Rooster - Andrey Ermakov

Task 2: Anteater - Andrey Ermakov

CP : 

Task 3: Twister - Ryoichi Takagi



Round 2:

Diagrams :

Task 1: Elasmosaurus - Alejandro Pascual Marquez

Task 2: Moose - Andrey Ermakov

Task 3: Devil - Jun Zi You

Task 4: Squid - Andrey Ermakov
Task 5 : Russian Lilac - Andrey Ermakov

Task 6 : Lynx - Anhelina Patsevich (CP + diagramme)

Task 7 : Kaleidoscope Recursion - Edward Mistretta

Task 8 : It is Wednesday - Arseni Kazhamiakin

Task 10 : Hyppocampus - Andrey Ermakov


Task 9 : Sisyphus Tesselation - Petter Keller

Product Details:

Format : PDF 8 Mo

Language : English


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