Origami Connected
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Origami Connected

This book gathers the best models of Meeuseum José, recognized specialist of origami modular folding.

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Origami Connected


José Meeusen tells us her life story in this book and it's all about origami. She started to create almost 40 years ago, and even after four decades she continually produces perfectly-made designs that are fresh, smart, innovative, and pleasing to the eye. This book is a retrospective look at the works of one of the best geometric origami artists of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Geometric Origami, whether Modulars or Single- Sheet models, is a popular genre of origami in which beautiful repetitive patterns are folded and formed. It is a perfect starting point for origami novices, and the more complex figures provide a great way to level up for intermediate folders and beyond. Modular origami also provides a natural springboard for those yearning to experiment with creating original models.

Figurative models are spicing up this book, as José created some of those also.

The Folding Process is highly important to José, as she strives to improve it and make it part of the joy the folder has, not only from the finished model but along the way as well. The process is as efficient, elegant, and as simple as can be.

37 models are included; all are original works by José Meeusen. José has designed more than 2,500 original works. This book includes a large range of styles, from flat radial models to animals, in five themed chapters.

The diagrams by Ali Bahmani, a well-known origami artist, bring life and volume to instructions on flat paper for the most comfortable learning experience for folders at every skill level. His diagrams are beautifully clear and precise.


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- Review added the Wednesday 15 March 2023 by Amanda G
This book is beautiful! It is filled with lovely designs, including hexagonal modulars, and the auth... (Read more)
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