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Book by Shuki Kato
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#9 Origami Nature Study

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Selection of papers suitable for the models: 20 sheets (+ 34.99 €)
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#9 Origami Nature Study - Shuki Kato



In this book, you will find clear step-by-step instructions for 16 Origami animals ranging from the intermediate Diplodocus and Dragonfly to the super-complex Greater Kudu and Giganotosaurus. Each project is folded from one square sheet of paper without cuts. Many of these designs have been refined over the years by Shuki Kato and feature some of the most advanced origami sequences ever to be diagrammed.

- Langage: English 

- Hardcover 224 pages 


38 €  34.99 €

Option + 20 selected origami papers:
Fold these amasing models with this selection of papers suitable for the models, made with advices of the author.

  • 17 specific sheets specifically chosen for their size, color, texture to obtain the best result
  • 3 test sheets to test the folding sequences before use your nice sheets.
Ebook optionToo impatient to wait for the delivery of the book? Or you want a version for your smartphone or tablet? Check the e-book above. In addition to sending the real book with postal service, you will receive the PDF version of the book *.
*PDF version of the book (60 MB), which can be read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or any tablet and smartphone. A link to download the file will be sent at the earliest, most often the next business day (M-F), upon receipt of your payment. 



The list of sheets in the pack (Photos are those of the book and for a few, do not necessarily shows the result using the proposed papers):




Yohishi Marron
24x24 cm

Simple Dragonfly
Shadow-fold Malakite
30x30 cm

Golden River Blue
35x35 cm

Satogami Olive
24x24 cm

Gold Tissue-foil
30x30 cm

Gray Wolf

Elephant Hide
Light Brown
48x48 cm

Satogami Blue
35x35 cm

Biotope Green
50x50 cm

Complex Dragonfly
Sandwich paper
Dark Blue
45x45 cm

Bactrian Camel

Elephant Paper
48x48 cm


African Elephant
Elephant Paper
48x48 cm

Asian Elephant

Elephant Paper
48x48 cm


Biotope Ocher or Tant Yellow
50x50 cm


Yohishi Brown
50x50 cm
Or Brown Biotope
50x50 cm

Greater Kudu

Biotope Brown 50x50 cm

- Sandwich paper

Brown 45x45 cm

Sandwich paper
Green 45x45 cm


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Loved the indication of the final models' size in comparison to the paper size. There are also paper... (Read more)
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quality is good, colors are nice, packing is not very strong and protecting the paper
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