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Origami Ninjas and Other Paper Sorcery
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Origami Ninjas and Other Paper Sorcery

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Origami Ninjas and Other Paper Sorcery


26 models with step-by-steps diagrams.

Include an article to give tips to create dynamic anatomy with origami (with photo steps).


Complete list of models:

  • Bird base dragon 
  • Face of the ninja 
  • Face of the deamon 
  • Master deamon face 
  • Else realm superhero 
  • Deamon jester 
  • If pigs might flap 
  • Father Christmas 
  • Art deco angel alpha 
  • Art deco angel beta 
  • Ice skating angel
  • Syringe 
  • RED 2 Sci weapon
    (used in the RED 2 feature film)
  • Coffee shop stirrer stand 
  • Knight 
  • Dark wizard 
  • Martial arts figure 
  • Cool werewolf 
  • Ninja jumping frog 
  • Ninja 
  • Katana (Ninja sword) 
  • Nunchakus 
  • Shuriken (Ninja throwing star) 
  • Elite Ninja 
  • Sky Ninja 
  • Stand for ninjas


Product Details:
Softcover: 118 pages

Full colour version 

Date : 2016
Language: English
Product Dimensions : 
18 cm x 26 cm

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