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Origami Symphony #7 - Musical Monkeys
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Origami Symphony #7 - Musical Monkeys

This origami symphony offers a compilation of John Montroll's models with various themes, from the simplest to the most complex, depicting the richness of origami.

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Origami Symphony #7 - Musical Monkeys

Welcome to the world premiere of the Sixth Symphony of Origami! Structured like a musical symphony in four movements, these chapters illustrate the richness and variety of origami. From striped snakes to impressive jungle animals, from colorful tetrahedrons to a trip to the desert, many origami discoveries await you.


This book contains 37 original models, each one a masterpiece by origami master John Montroll. Each model is folded from a single square. After the folding of some reptiles in the first movement, we will walk through a farm in the second movement. Then, amazing polyhedra occupy the third movement. The fourth movement captures a variety of monkeys singing and howling from tree to tree.

Origami Symphony No. 7:

  • First Movement: Allegro: Reptiles Picking up Speed
  • Second Movement: Andante: Walking Through the Farm
  • Third Movement: Minuet of Antiprisms with a Trio of Stars
  • Fourth Movement: Allegro: March of Boisterous and Frolicsome Monkeys.


  • Color pages
  • A4 format
  • Langage: English


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