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Origami Tessellations
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Origami Tessellations

This book presents detailed diagrams to easily fold 25 origami Tessellations. Discover the incredible beauty of these geometric shapes and learn how to create them by yourself.

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Origami Tesselations​

In this gorgeous book, Eric Gjerde has presented clear, easy-to-follow instructions that introduce the reader to the incredible beauty and diversity of origami tesselations - Robert J. Lang, author or Origami Design Secrets.

Eric Gjerde demonstrates in this book 25 of his favorite tesselations and turns them into folding projects for newcomers as well as experienced origamists. With step-by-step instructions, illustrated crease patterns, and how-to photos, you'll learn to crease these wonderful designs yourself.
This colorful book covers the fundamentals or origami tesselation, provides history, and describes simple beginning techniques with detailed illustrations and photographs.
An extensive gallery showcases tesselations folded by the world's leading origami artists - inspiring you to experiment, innovate, and eventually create your own unique designs.

Product Details:
Paperback: 122 color pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions:
21.5 cm x 25 cm

Our advice: Tant paper is particularly suitable for folding tessellations. We recommend at least a size of 35x35 cm with a predilection for the size of 70x70 cm which allows a more impressive final result.

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Ce livre répond tout-à-fait à ce dont nous avions besoin.
Il est d'ailleurs, je pense, une r... (Read more)
stars_5 -
Eric Gjerdes book is a must have for any tessellation folder. Suitable for beginners as for more adv... (Read more)
stars_4 -
very non orthodox way to explain origami, but it works since it tells you all the techniques for tes... (Read more)
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