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Origami Design Secrets - Second Edition

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SECOND EDITION - Additional contents:
  • 200 pages of new material. The original book was 582 pages; the new version is 760 pages with some material out
  • "Polygon packing": an amazing new design method : with a simple pencil and a sheet, design complex model without need to use computer or calculate anything !
  • 10 additionals Creases patterns, to illustrate polygon packing theory, colored and labeled in ways that show how they are constructed.
  • 4 additional diagrams, in addition to the original 25:
    - Dancing Crane
    - Silverfish
    - Roosevelt Elk
    - Organist


Book Description:

Robert J. Lang, one of the world's foremost origami artists and scientists, presents the never-before-described mathematical and geometric principles that allow anyone to design original origami, something once restricted to an elite few. From the theoretical underpinnings to detailed step-by-step folding sequences, this book takes a modern look at the heart of the centuries-old art of origami.

Origami novices will appreciate the organization of the book, which begins with easy techniques and progresses to deep and powerful tools for design.

Both novices and aficionados will find detailed, step-by-step instructions for 29 models, including the famous "Black Forest Cuckoo Clock."


Product Details:
: 760 color pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm

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- Review added the Friday 21 January 2022 by Christophe G
Je voulais faire un virement mais impossible de retrouver votre IBAN ....
Je con... (Read more)
- Review added the Wednesday 06 January 2021 by Francesco M
A must-have for any folder or aspiring origami designer. The diagrammed models alone are beautiful, ... (Read more)
- Review added the Monday 21 December 2020 by Colin WW
Excellent book worth the money for the diagrammed models alone. However this book contains so much ... (Read more)
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