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origami book Yamada Insect Collection 3 Katsuhisa Yamada in japanese
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Yamada Insect Collection 3

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Katsuhisa Yamada is the author of many origami books that you can discover on his website here.


His style is unique : regardless of the subject (animal or insect) , its models have this certain "cuteness" that attract us irremediably. After meeting the artist in Japan, I realized he was himself an artist particularly sensitive and probably his personality shines through in his models giving them unique and inimitable touch.

But do not be fooled by the seemingly simplistic appearance of his creations: his original folding sequences are a fearsome of efficiency.


This book describes the formation of insects only from the bird base.

Product Details:
Paperback: 96 pages (include 16 color pages)
Date: 2006

Language: japanese
Product Dimensions:
19 cm x 24 cm

19 models diagrams step by step

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