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Origami Zoo - 37 models

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Book Description:
This collaboration with origami artist Stephen Weiss contains a 37 animal designs ranging from simple to complex.

List of models :

Dolphin / Robert J. Lang
Penguin / Stephen Weiss
Swan / Stephen Weiss
Fish / Robert J. Lang
Gorilla / Stephen Weiss
Scottie / Stephen Weiss
Owl / Stephen Weiss
Goose / Stephen Weiss
Frog / Stephen Weiss
Lion / Robert J. Lang
Duck / Stephen Weiss
Sea turtle / Stephen Weiss
Roadrunner / Stephen Weiss
Collie / Robert J. Lang
Kangaroo / Stephen Weiss
Squirrel / Stephen Weiss
Skunk / Robert J. Lang
Panda / Robert J. Lang
Fox / Stephen Weiss
Irish setter / Stephen Weiss
Alligator / Stephen Weiss
Pegasus / Stephen Weiss
Camel / Stephen Weiss & Robert Lang
Mouse / Robert J. Lang
Woolly Mammoth / Stephen Weiss
Dog in a doghouse / Stephen Weiss
Bear / Stephen Weiss
Golden Eagle / Robert J. Lang
Desert tortoise / Robert J. Lang
Rabbit / Robert J. Lang
Giraffe / Stephen Weiss
Horsefly / Robert J. Lang
Black widow / Robert J. Lang
Reindeer / Robert J. Lang
Butterfly / Robert J. Lang
Praying mantis / Robert J. Lang
Crab / Robert J. Lang

Product Details:
Paperback: 165 pages
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21.5 cm x 27.5 cm
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