» » » » Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 20 sheets - 48X33 cm (19"x13")
Pack Crumpling - 48x33 cm - Kraft 28g/m² - 20 sheets
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Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 20 sheets - 48X33 cm (19"x13")

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Pack 20 sheets Natural Kraft 48x33 cm (18.9"x13.0").

The kraft paper is a particularly resistant paper. Kraft also means strength/power in German. But it is usually too thick or too poor to make beautiful origami models.

Kraft paper proposed here is exceptional because:
- Extremely thin: 28g/m²
- Beautiful and high quality

- Resistant and strong
- Wet strength
(Treaty for fogging - perfect for wet-folding)

In particular, it probably offers the best combination fine / resistance of all the papers, which makes it particularly interesting for super complex models. This paper is also particularly suitable to glue on foil papers.

This Kraft paper is usualy NOT available for sale. To get it, it was necessary to buy it directly to the factoty, then we cut ourself the kraft in square!
Vincent Floderer and Crimp's team have chosen this Kraft paper to realize their crumpling.

Important: Each sheet has a size of 48x33 cm (15.75"x23.6"). That's why, the pack will be sent folded. Sheets therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the few traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model.

Reviews about this Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 20 sheets - 48X33 cm (19"x13") (5 reviews)

stars_5 - Review added the Monday 06 October 2014 by Valerie P
Great paper for crumpling, I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore that technique. Also light ... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Friday 04 May 2012 by Emil V
Excellent paper for making origami
stars_5 - Review added the Tuesday 06 December 2011 by Rebecca HHHH
This is a translucent paper that is very thin, crisp, and sturdy. It seems to be very similar to arc... (Read more)
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Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 20 sheets - 48X33 cm (19"x13") promotional packs
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Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 20 sheets - 48X33 cm (19"x13") + Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 15 sheets - 45x45 cm (18"x18") + Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 30 sheets 30x30 cm (12"x12")

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Pack: Alios Kraft - 1 color - 20 sheets - 48X33 cm (19"x13") + Works of Satoshi KAMIYA + Pack Discovery - Test the best of our papers ! + Pack: Tissue-foil Paper - 6 colors - 18 sheets - 30x30cm (12"x12") + Pack Foil paper Silver - 1 color - 20 sheets - 35x35 cm (14"x14")

127.83 € 99.95 € -22% icone-acheter

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