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White Tissue-foil Paper 40x40 cm scrapbboking origami thailand
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White Tissue-foil Paper - 40x40 cm (15.75"x15.75")

Origin: Thailand

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White Tissue Paper
Format : square 40 x 40 cm (15.75"x15.75")
Origin : Thailand



How I use this paper:
When I want to fold a model with a white color, I often use the white side of a classic paper foil. However, there are several disadvantages to usie this paper and white tissue-foil is very insteresting to fill these gaps:
1) The white-face of the classic foil is smooth and uniform and so unattractive => The white tissue-foil bring us a nice textured surface that catches the light.
2) The metallized face of the classic foil is unsightly and should be covered, usually gluing Unryu or Tissue-papers. However, the metallic effect of the foil still spring through => On contrary, the metallized face of the white tissue-foil is spangled, which cancels all reflections. Thus, the metallic appearance does not cross through Unryu or tissue paper.
Here is an example of folding with my dog ​​where I use the white tissue-foil glue on a black Unryu:
- The white face catch the light (see the shadows on the tail) 
- No metallic sheen appears through the black Unryu.


Important : Each sheet has a size of 40x40 cm. That's why, the sheets will be sent folded (final size = 20 x 20 cm = 7,9"x7,9"). They therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the few traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model.


Other example:



AuthorNguyen Hung Cuong
Folder: Romain Pauchet
Model published in "Licence to fold"

Paper : White Tissue-foil 60x60 cm


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stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 27 April 2017 by Sim HBHBHBHB
Its a beautiful white paper:D which is an excellent paper
stars_5 - Review added the Monday 28 December 2015 by shannon NNNNNNNNN
awesome paper that is thin with a lot of strength, making it very user friendly for complex patterns... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Monday 27 July 2015 by IOANNIS ZZZZ
Good paper choice for complex models.
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