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#7 VOG 2 Origami.vn - 2nd colorized and expanded edition
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#7 VOG 2 Origami.vn - 2nd colorized and expanded edition

From the simple stylized cat to the ultra complex white shark there is something here for every taste. Discover and fold 32 amazing origami models designed by the talented "Vietnamese Origami Group"

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#7 VOG 2 Origami.vn - 2nd Edition

New edition colorized and expanded with the addition of a 2 new models



Second Volume of Vietnam Origami Groupthis book propose 30 models from simple to super complex level.

See photos of all models here.

Review by Gilad Origami:

"Following on the heels of 50 Hours of Origami +, comes another compilation from the talented Vietnamese Origami Group. Nicolas Terry has again collected works from artists featured in the first volume, as well as from new contributors. Short biographies are included for all designers.
From the simple, stylized cat and mouse to the ultra complex white shark, complete with teeth, there is something here for every taste. A few complex crease-pattern challenges are included, as well. Some of the models start with the traditional bases as part of a competition the group held. It's quite interesting to see what designs these creative minds extract out of those bases.
I'm always happy with Origami-Shop's book quality, and this book is no different. Each model comes with the designer's thoughts and the model's crease-pattern. There's also a "secret code", that once figured out will get you some extra content."

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  • 208 pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 30 models + Cps
  • Languages: English and French



Fold the amasing models from the book VOG2 with this selection of papers suitable for the models.

Models Papers
Mouse Elephant Hide 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") gray or Ivory
Cat Elephant Hide 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") brown
Hermit Crab Tissue-foil 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") gold or black
Owl Tissue-foil 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") white
Pelican Tissue-foil 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") copper
Bison Bear Hide 24x24 cm (9.5"x9.5") or Tant 15x15 cm (5,9"x5,9") Bestial
Angel Fish Sandwich paper 23x23 cm
Orang Utan Tissue-foil 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") brown or coffee
Crane Tissue-foil 30x30 cm (11.8"x11.8") white
Cameleon Tant 15x15 cm (5,9"x5,9") green
Alicorn Tant 35x35 cm (13.87"x13.87") white
Fish Bones Tant 35x35 cm (13.87"x13.87") light brown
Jerboa Unryu 30x30 cm (11.8"x11.8") brown
Pegasus Shadow-fold 40x40 cm (15.75"x15.75") copper or Gold
Vampire Tant 35x35 cm (13.87"x13.87") red
Brontoterium Leather 50x50 cm (19.7"x19.7") (light brown, brown or gray subject to availability)
Turtoise Elephant Hide 30x30 cm (11.8"x11.8") light brown
Butterfly Shadow-fold 40x40 cm (15.75"x15.75") Azurit or Malakit
CP Star French Marble 24x24 cm (9.5"9.5") or Gray Tant 24x24 cm (9.5"9.5")
Lady Rhino  50x50 cm (19.7"x19.7") ivory
Two-headed dragon Tissue-foil 60x60 cm (23.6"x23.6") red
Emperor Tissue-foil 60x60 cm (23.6"x23.6") gold or Biotope 70x70 Ocher
Electric ray Tissue-foil 20x20 cm (7.87"x7.87") silver 
Sailfish Tissue-foil 40x40 cm (15.75"x15.75") blue
Shark Tissue-foil 60x60 cm (23.6"x23.6") blue or Vintage Blue 70x70 cm
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Reviews about this #7 VOG 2 Origami.vn - 2nd colorized and expanded edition (19 reviews)

- Review added the Saturday 23 April 2022 by Alan H
Wonderful book and the colorized diagrams make it even more fun to fold :-)
- Review added the Wednesday 13 June 2018 by Simona PPP
I have ordered the e-book version and the decision was a good one. The book has models for everyone,... (Read more)
- Review added the Monday 04 July 2016 by Steve DC
Wonderful book with amazing designs for all difficulty levels. Clear diagrams en lots of extra info.... (Read more)
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