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Pack Arches Papers - 14 sheets
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Pack Arches Papers - 14 sheets

Exclusive pack of Arches paper to test this incredible paper thanks to a set of 3 different types in two sizes for a total of 14 sheets from 24x24 to 30x30 cm.

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Pack Arches Papers

The arches paper is available in two textures: a fine grain, called "Cold Pressed" and another more pronounced, honeycomb, called "Rought".

  • The "Cold Pressed" Texture is available in 185 gsm and 300 gsm
  • The "Rought" Texture is only available in 300 gsm

This pack offers a combination of these 3 types of paper in 24x24 cm and 30x30 cm. So you can test different types of paper and size depending on the folding.

Here is the composition of the pack:

  • "Cold Pressed" Texture & 185 gsm = 5 sheets 24x24 cm (9.5''x9.5'')
  • "Cold Pressed" Texture & 185 gsm = 2 sheets 30x30 cm (11.8''x11.8'')
  • "Cold Pressed" Texture & 300 gsm = 2 sheets 24x24 cm (9.5''x9.5'')
  • "Cold Pressed" Texture & 300 gsm = 2 sheets 30x30 cm (11.8''x11.8'')
  • The "Rought" Texture & 300 gsm = 2 sheets 24x24 cm (9.5''x9.5'')
  • The "Rought" Texture & 300 gsm = 1 sheet 30x30 cm (11.8''x11.8'')

    Total: 14 sheets, including:
  • 9 sheets 24x24 cm (9.5''x9.5'')
  • 5 sheets 30x30 cm (11.8''x11.8'')

ARCHES is the reference paper for wet folding for folders all over the world. Its manufacturing process is unique in the world: made on a cylinder mould (traditional process), its quality is close to that of hand-made paper and the slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire. The fibres are evenly distributed and the paper slakens uniformly when wet, giving the origami Artist more control. This process also results in papers with exceptional folding strength when wet. As the paper dries, the folds remain in place, giving the models an amazing roundness.

  • 100% cotton: The cotton gives the paper beauty, a natural, lasting whiteness and an inimitable touch as well as strength and longevity
  • Conservation: Fungicidal treatment to prevent the appearance of mould. With alkaline reserve, acid-free, no optical brightening agents (permanent in accordance with ISO 9706)

Here are some examples of models folded with Arches paper (published with permission of the authors):


Nguyễn Tú Tuấn 


Nguyễn Võ Hiến Chương


Hoàng Tiến Quyết


Đinh Trường Giang 

Steve De Clercq




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