» » » » » DUO Sandwich Paper Red / White - 23x23 cm (9''x9'')
DUO Sandwich Paper Red / White - 23x23 cm (9''x9'')
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DUO Sandwich Paper Red / White - 23x23 cm (9''x9'')

This origami paper is EXCLUSIVE in our shop! It is a double-sided foil paper ideal for folding complex origami and shaping your models.

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Double-sided Sandwich Paper - Red / White

- Pack with 5 sheets 23x23 cm (9''x9'')
- 18 gsm


The "Sandwich paper is so called because it is made with three layers: a foil sheet is sandwiched between two sheets of colored tissue paper. This paper has remarkable qualities for folding:

  • Its exceptional fineness makes it the ideal paper for the most complex models.
  • With its foil base, you can shape curves that hold in place without any effort. You can sculpt the paper like modeling clay.
  • You can compress the paper to produce, for example, extremely thin legs and antennas, thin to a degree never reached with any other paper.
  • The aluminum foil shines slightly in some cases through the tissue paper which sometimes gives an iridescent effect, quite pleasant for some model as insects.

Notes:  These items are exclusive products to our shop made for us. We cut also them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.

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Reviews about this DUO Sandwich Paper Red / White - 23x23 cm (9''x9'') (3 reviews)

- Review added the Wednesday 13 January 2021 by lesley G
Feels amazing, with a matt colour finish. I made some simple Christmas themed stuff and it held the ... (Read more)
- Review added the Thursday 20 September 2018 by Beau CCCC
Perfect for either a full red piece or a full white piece, but also a fold with both sides showing
- Review added the Sunday 08 July 2018 by PURA MT
Estoy muy satisfecha por el pedido, era lo que esperaba
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