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Selected papers for the book ''Stop Thinking, Start Folding''
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Selected papers for the book ''Stop Thinking, Start Folding''

A pack of 40 origami papers specifically selected for their size, color and texture to perfectly succeed the folding of the models of our book "Stop thinking, start folding".

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Pack 40 origami papers to fold models of the book "Stop Thinking - Start Folding" 


Details of the selected paper pack:

33 orgami papers specifically chosen for their size, their color, their texture to succeed perfectly your folding + 7 test sheets to test your folding before using a beautiful sheet. Discover new sheet while being assured of the perfect match of paper to the model.

  • 2 Double-sided Tissue-foils: Black-White 28x28 cm / Grey-Black 28x28 cm

  • 3 Tissue-foils: Green 30x30 cm / Red 30x30 cm / Green 20x20 cm
  • 6 Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm: 2 x Brown / 2 x Black / 1 x White / 1 x Red
  • 7 Sandwichs 23x23 cm : 2 x Black-White / Green-Olive / Slate-White / White-Red / Orange-White / Black-Apricot

  • 2 Duo Thai: Brown-White 30x30 cm / Brown-White 11x11 cm
  • 2 Biotopes: Brown 30x30 cm / White 20x20 cm

  • 1 Korean Hanji : Brown 30x30 cm
  • 1 Tant : Blue 20x20 cm
  • 1 Octa : Orange 20x20 cm
  • 8 Kamis : 2 x Black / Bestial Brown / Brown / Red / Pink / Yellow / Blue
  • 7 Test Sheets: White 24x24 cm



Models Papers Where to find them ?


- Fox with Fangs

Brown White Duo Thai 30x30 cm Pack #2
Nosy Cat Black Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm Pack #3
Super Pussy Red/White Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
Cat Brown Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm Pack #3
Chihuahua  Black Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1
- German Dog Black Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm Pack #3
Panda  Black/White Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
- Red panda Orange/White Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
Koala Grey Tissue-foil glue onto
lack Tissue-paper 28x28 cm
Pack #4
Arctic Fox White Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm Pack #3
Racoon Black Tissue-foil glue onto
White Tissue-paper 28x28 cm
Pack #4
Owl  Slate/White Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
Grumpy Frog Green/Olive Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
Ghost  Black Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1

Unicorn  White Biotope 20x20 cm Pack #2
Wild Boar Bestial Brown Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1
Maggpie Black/White Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
Squirrel  Brown Korean Hanji 30x30 cm Pack #2
Lion  Brown White Duo Thai 11x11 cm Pack #2
- Flaming Dragon Red Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm Pack #3
Tiger  Orange Octa 20x20 cm Pack #2
- Fusion Dragon Green Tissue-foil 30x30 cm Pack #4
Monkey Brown Washi Deluxe 24x24 cm Pack #3
Baby Dragon Red Tissue-foil 30x30 cm Pack #4
Maneki Neko Red Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1



​​Inflatable Cat  Black/Apricot Sandwich 23x23 cm Pack #4
Hungry T-Rex Green Tissue-foil 20x20 cm Pack #4
Hungry Shark Blue Tant 20x20 cm Pack #2
Jumping Rabbit Pink Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1
Poop Bird Blue Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1
Flapping Pajarita Yellow Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1
Ninja Brown Biotope 30x30 cm Pack #2
Cat Head Brooch Brown Kami 17.6x17.6 cm Pack #1


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