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Silver Foil Roller - 1 color - 44 cm x 200 m (17.3"x218.7yard)

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Foil roller 17.3 inches x 219 yards (44 cm x 200 m)


Folders who often make their own sandwhich papers, face quickly to the difficulty of making the sandwich papers with large size for complex models.
- With commaluminum kitchen paper, the width is insufficient and it is necessary to overlap the sheets to make a larger sheet, which is neither elegant nor easy to make.
- The Foil Roller backed 44cm x 10m (17.3"x394") are good alternatives but they are a little thicker and more expensive (but has the advantage of having a white face).
This aluminum roll 44cm x 200m is so very economical and ideal for making sandwich paper in large size.





this paper:


To make sandwhich papers in large size for complex models                                                         


How to use

this paper:


How to make sandwhich papers ? You will need:
  • - A large sheet of aluminum 44x44 cm cut from the roll
  • - Two sheets of tissue paper (Unryu, unicolor, textured ... etc)
- Please have a spray glue (bought in any hobbies store) and an old credit card to the taping.
- Put yourself in a well-ventilated room (spray adhesive is quite toxic) and protect your work surface with newspapers.
So you get a very strong but thin sheet, easy to shape, with the desired color for each side.
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- Review added the Wednesday 18 October 2023 by Jakob R
The roller seems to have been dropped (likely prior to packaging and shipping by origami-shop) becau... (Read more)
- Review added the Thursday 05 February 2015 by laurie L
Produit top.Livraison parfait.Merci.
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