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This origami paper has a typical appearance hair, ideal to mimic the fur of many animals. Rather thin and easy to fold, it is perfectly suited for all types of models, even more complex.

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This paper is smooth but has a typical appearance hair, ideal to mimic the fur of many animals. Rather thin (80 gsm) and easy to fold, it is perfectly suited for all types of models, even more complex.


  • Select the size in the options above
  • 1 sheet 50x50 8 cm and 70x70 cm or Pack of sheets for 24x24 cm and 30x30 cm
  • 80 gsm 

These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.

Important: Sheets with format 50x50 cm and 70x70 cm will be sent folded by us. It therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheets folded.


This paper was discovered and made ​​available for the first time for the origami community by Origami-shop, on 25 September 2013.

Choose this paper:


- To fold animals

- For all complex models, mainly if they include 3D shapes                       



How to use this paper:


Dry folding for Tesselations, Modulars and all models from simple to super-complex models. 
For complex models: a 35x35 cm sheet is often enought but for supercomplex models, choose a larger sheet from 50x50 cm

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Reviews about this STARK PAPER (15 reviews)

- Review added the Friday 14 July 2023 by Valerio C
Really nice paper, even though a bit stiffer than expected.
The texture and colour work only f... (Read more)
- Review added the Sunday 13 March 2022 by Donna W
Lovely texture and color; a very natural aesthetic to this paper.
- Review added the Friday 24 July 2020 by Alex MMMM
It actually looks like fur and folds well! Double win!
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