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25 Progressive tessellations - 2022 [Ebook Edition]
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25 Progressive tessellations - 2022 [Ebook Edition]

Learn tessellations by folding one twist at a time. This book offers 25 progressive and educational patterns for all tessellation enthusiasts.

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Advent of Tessellations 2022 

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When a folder first discovers the world of tessellations, they are often instructed to pre-crease them entirely and then collapse all parts at the same time. This is actually the most difficult way to learn to fold tessellations.

This book teaches tessellations by folding one twist at a time, then adding new folds to the grid progressively.
Presented as an advent calendar, fold 25 increasingly complex tessellations over a period of 25 days.


The crease patterns focus exclusively on the first repeat of a 16-triangle grid on a hexagon, highlighting the key features and decisions of each tessellation.


This ebook includes all 25 patterns from the 2022 challenge in both mini and full (64-fold) versions, as well as complete CPs for 25 alternative endings.


Access to larger CPs allows you to fold additional repeats of these mini tessellations, understand the grid size required for subsequent repeats, see how the twists connect between repeats, and learn common structures for reproducing these patterns.


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Language: English
Number of pages: 208
Format: PDF 127 MB

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