» » » » Pack: Tant #1 - 9 colors - 9 sheets - 50x50 cm (20"x20")
Pack TANT 50x50 cm n°1 - 9 colors - 9 sheets
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Pack: Tant #1 - 9 colors - 9 sheets - 50x50 cm (20"x20")

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Pack TANT Papers with 9 sheets / 9 colors

  • 50 x 50 cm (20"x20")
  • 80 gsm
  • Unicolor (same color on both sides)




- Black, White, Dark Gray,  Gray Rhino, Brown bestial

- Brown Animal, Camel, Earth Brown, Lion Yellow



Tant paper is one of the most famous paper for origami. Made for folders, it is thin, easy to fold and highlight your models with its delicate texture. It is also one of the most versatile origami paper because it can be used for both simple and complex models, for modulars, tesselations and of course, you can fold any type of animals or characters.

For more information, read this article.

  • These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.


this paper:


- To exhibit your models:
  • This paper last for years.The color does not fade and the shape holds 

  • Its texture catches the light which allows you to play with shadows
  • Great paper for digital imaging / a flash brings no reflections

- Perfect for all modulars and Tesselations (see Lydiard's Artworks)
- For all complex models, mainly if they include 3D shapes and not too much multilayers

- For all 2D simple models (you can't come back to classic kami after using Tant)


Do not choose

this paper:


- For bi-color models (since Tant has the same color on both sides) unless you know how to bring color to one face (pasting tissue-paper, painting ...etc)                                 


How to use

this paper:


Dry folding: for Tesselations, Modulars and all models from simple to super-complex models. 

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Reviews about this Pack: Tant #1 - 9 colors - 9 sheets - 50x50 cm (20"x20") (9 reviews)

stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 02 May 2019 by Anita RRRRR
Always a good go-to paper for models. Especially like them for tessellations.
stars_5 - Review added the Saturday 23 February 2019 by Rachel QQ
Same as above. Also a great range of colours, not as bright but still great for my purposes.
stars_5 - Review added the Sunday 23 September 2018 by Origami-Shop T
Review added the Thursday 30 April 2015 by Kevin YYYYY
Great to have some Tant in this size.
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