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Teflon Folding Rib for backcoating sheets
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Teflon Folding Rib for backcoating sheets

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Teflon Folding Rib


To make an origami paper suitable for you projects, it could be necessary to glue two or more sheets of paper back-to-back using spray glue or water soluble adhesive (backcoating). The result is a paper which can be colored differently on each side of the paper with sometimes a metallized layer inside (see the process with making sandwich paper here and below).


For a good result, it is important to smooth and rub the resulting sheet to eliminate any air bubbles and to insure a good joint between the sheets. This Teflon rib is ideal for this task : its very low coefficient of friction will not mark any delicate papers and will slide easily on the surface.



Product Details:
- 11 x 5 cm (4.3"x2")
- "Handmade" Teflon Rib: slight variations are possible regarding the size and thickness


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Reviews about this Teflon Folding Rib for backcoating sheets (5 reviews)

- Review added the Monday 18 December 2023 by Y Vân V
J'avoue, je m'en sers peu pour l'origami; j'ai acheté cette raclette principalement pour de la reli... (Read more)
- Review added the Tuesday 30 August 2022 by Jens K
Very nice teflon tool for smoothing out paper.
- Review added the Wednesday 09 December 2020 by Cecile GG
Très pratique pour maroufler (en même temps c'est l'idée )
facile d'utilisation
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