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Translucent origami - Kayo Nakamura
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Translucent origami - Kayo Nakamura

Fold many translucent origamis to stick on windows or to hang to embellish your interior with original foldings.

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Translucent origami

Translucent origami is a branch of origami, popular in Northern Europe, where winters are long. It is especially popular when gluing models on windows or hanging them. This book is a collection of models that let the light through to generate beautiful kaleidoscopic shapes. 


All you need is translucent paper (tracing paper or glassine) and glue to make it. No tools are needed! Simply fold several pieces of square origami paper to make several identical parts, then glue them together to make a circular shape. All the models in the book come with detailed folding instructions and video explanations, so even beginners can take on the challenge.

Product Details:
Softcover: 80 colorful pages
Language: Japonese
Product Dimensions:
18 cm x 23.5 cm

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