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book Unit Origami essence tomoko fuse in japanese
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Unit Origami Essence - New edition

Fold numerous modulars designed by Tomoko Fuse from 4 different types of units.

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Unit Origami Essence - New edition


This book is the first of the "Unit Origami" serie by Tomoko Fuse. It is divided into 4 sections. Each chapter includes modular units made with specific shape :

  • Chapter 1: square units
  • Chapter 2: triangular units
  • Chapter 3: pentagonal units
  • Chapter 4: Starry units
Product Details:
Paperback 160 pages, including 24 color pages
Language: japanese
Product Dimensions: 24 cm x 25.5 cm

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Reviews about this Unit Origami Essence - New edition (6 reviews)

stars_5 - Review added the Tuesday 15 January 2019 by Virgile AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
The book is divided into chapters each covering a particular unit shape (square, triangle, pentagon... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 01 September 2016 by Caterina SSSS
très joli livre, de magnifiques photos, des schémas à la fin du livre permettent de comprendre la... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Sunday 15 November 2015 by Kerstin W
One of my favourites on modular origami. It's on platonic solids mainly with different patterns, alm... (Read more)
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