3D Origami Antidiamonds
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3D Origami Antidiamonds

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Book Description:

This book contains 26 incredibles anti-diamonds origami models. These previously unexplored shapes are now shown in full detail. For each model, the faces are identical kite-shaped quadrilaterals. They resemble diamonds but the upper and lower parts are symmetrically staggered. Each model is folded from a single uncut square. The models range from intermediate to moderately complex



this book:


- If you like geometric shapes, but not using modular process.
- Because Montroll is a genius who are able to fold those complex crystals with only a single square.
- To study how Montroll use powerful locks, and use the same locks for your own designs.


Do not choose

this book:


- If you do not like Reference-Finder-like precreasing                                  




- Use a thick paper, so that the side of the anti-diamond stay rigid, as a real diamond: Tant Paper or Elephant Hide Paper.


Product Details:

Softcover: 120 pages
Date of publication: june 2013
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28cm
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John Montroll pas besoin de plus de commentaires beau travail
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