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Advanced Origami Tessellations

Este libro ofrece un verdadero reto para los aficionados al plegado de Tessellations.

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Advanced Origami Tessellations

"ln this book I show a group of tessellations which seemed impossible to me to make photo diagrams for. Some due to the complexity of the assemblies and expected from the person who will fold a large spatial imagination and some due to the dense grid that must first be prepared. These are the models that l like to fold very much.

Some require amazing concentration, others are very monotonous but the effect is worth the effort you put in when folding them. There are also "fast" projects. Just a hour or two. Then there is "Randomness" a project where you will never be able to repeat a second time, each time the effect is always different.

At the end of the book there are two challenges: Double Twisted and Ornithogalum Dubiumm. The photo diagrams show
a significant part of the folding but making the entire tessellations will require a considerable amount of skills and incredible imagination. 

The models in this book are shown from the easiest to the most difficult (only comparing the tessellations in this book). I hope that folding them will be an amazing adventure for you."

Halina Rosciszewska-Narloch

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Softcover: 172 pages

Language: English
Product Dimensions: A4 (21x29.7 cm)





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Notas y comentarios

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