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Bamboo Folding Tool - 13 cm - Pink
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Bamboo Folding Tool - 13 cm - Pink

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This tool made of Bamboo is light, easy to carry and perfect for precise and comfortable folding. 
With its small size (13 cm), it is particularly light and fits perfectly your hand for maximum comfort.

Here is also what it can help you with:

  • Ease the folding of thick layers of paper.
  • Reduce hand stress when folding many modular units.
  • Facilitate complex folds and maneuvers.
  • Point accurately when teaching
  • Reach deep into corners when squash folding.
  • Make precise and sharp pinch marks.
  • Create sharp corner folds.
  • Anchor a point when folding.
  • Easily separate multiple layers.
  • Reach into tight corners for miniature folds.
  • Curl flower petals or multiple paper layers.
  • Insert flaps into pockets.
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Notas y comentarios

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- Enviado el Tuesday 07 September 2021 por Emilyana M
Très léger, mais on n'est pas fan de ce modèle en bambou. On préfère ceux de la marque ARTEZA.
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