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Bamboo Folding Tool - 13 cm - Blue
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Bamboo Folding Tool - 13 cm - Blue

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Bamboo Folding Tool

This tool made of Bamboo is light, easy to carry and perfect for precise and comfortable folding.
With its small size (13 cm / 5.1 inches), it is particularly light and fits perfectly your hand for maximum comfort.

Here is also what it can help you with:

  • Ease the folding of thick layers of paper.
  • Reduce hand stress when folding many modular units.
  • Facilitate complex folds and maneuvers.
  • Point accurately when teaching
  • Reach deep into corners when squash folding.
  • Make precise and sharp pinch marks.
  • Create sharp corner folds.
  • Anchor a point when folding.
  • Easily separate multiple layers.
  • Reach into tight corners for miniature folds.
  • Curl flower petals or multiple paper layers.
  • Insert flaps into pockets.
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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas Bamboo Folding Tool - 13 cm - Blue (5 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Friday 10 April 2020 por Valérie AAA
Plioir d'excellente qualité. Aide beaucoup à faire les pliages, surtout sur les papiers plus épai... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Monday 18 June 2018 por Joseph S
Cute little tool, girlfriend found it helpful for her hobby. Get the big ol Lang book though if you'... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Wednesday 15 November 2017 por Francisco José MCMC
Herramienta útil, buena y de gran calidad.
Useful, good and high quality tool.
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