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BLACK TISSUE PAPER - 50x75 cm - 8 sheets

Papel de seda para hacer su propio papel de sándwich o para pegar en una hoja para cambiar su color.

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This tissue paper is perfect for spray glue lamination, e.g. on tissue-foil or foils (see sandwich paper technique).
It is not suitable for methylcellulose preparation or for double-silk production.


Contents :

  • 8 sheets 50x75 cm (20"x30")
  • Grammage: 18 gsm

Sending :

  • Economic or priority postages: this article will be sent fold in half. 
  • Express postage: this article should be sent fold in half. If you don't want that, please add "Do not fold in half my packs" in the comments part when you are going to pay. In this case, you accept the risks inherent in sending large package by postal service (bulky package may be delayed when delivery).
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Opinión de internautas BLACK TISSUE PAPER - 50x75 cm - 8 sheets (6 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Monday 02 August 2021 por PANDORA K
The quality was as fine as expected. But, to make some special models or trials I would prefer bigge... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Tuesday 29 December 2020 por Ignjat K
You are epic, fantastic quality, yes its still tissue paper but now I figure out how to make special... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Monday 16 September 2019 por Abby LLLL
When the paper came, I thought it would NOT be folded because that was our specific request. But it ... (Leer más)
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