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book Origami Inside-out John Montroll in english
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Bonitas decoraciones de pared de origami #2

Dobla 40 coronas y marcos para exponer, con temas estacionales y simpáticos diseños en relieve para dar profundidad a la decoración.

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Origami wall decorations #2


Super easy, but super cute! This is the style of the author, Misa Imai.

Wreaths, frames, houses and decorations can be made from just 2-4 leaves and can be decorated with seasonal designs to be enjoyed month after month for a total of 52 seasonal designs from spring, summer, fall and winter with over 100 different easy to fold designs.
The folds stand out in relief to bring depth to the decorations.

Product Details:

  • Paperback: 80 pages
  • Language: Japanese
  • Product Dimensions: 20x25 cm
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