book Twirl Kusudamas 3 de Herman Van Goubergen origami
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Twirl Kusudamas 3

El twirl ha revolucionado el enfoque del origami modular con un módulo que se fija simplemente enrollándolo y permite crear increíbles Kusudamas.

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Twirl Kusudamas 3

The brilliant artist Herman Van Goubergen presented in1999, a revolutionary origami modular, really different from what was usually done. A modular is a geometric shape made by folding and assembling  origami units. Origami modulars use some specific folds to lock these units.  Herman Van Goubergen developed a new idea locking the unit with just a twirl

The simplicity and elegance of this approach has attracted a lot Krystyna Burczyk who pushed the idea to made new incredible origami modulars.

My opinion: I never really liked origami modular. However, at the french origami convention OORAA 2008, Krystyna taught me how to fold her twirls and I really liked that! Finally, I could make nice modulars with modules that catch them in an easy and fun way ! I loved it!

Product Details:
Paperback: 64 pages including 16 color pages with photos of all models
Language: English and polish
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm


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Notas y comentarios

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