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Cáñamo natural extrafino - 18 g/m²
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Cáñamo natural extrafino - 18 g/m²

El cáñamo es una planta con un alto contenido en fibra que confiere al papel una finura excepcional combinada con una gran resistencia a la tracción y al desgarro.

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Natural Extra Fine Hemp

  • Size 50x75 cm
  • 18 gsm
  • Handmade in India

Hemp is a plant with a high fiber content. The average length of the fibers is 20 mm, which results in an extremely fine, yet tensile and tear resistant paper. Its fibers are used for example in the manufacture of fine papers such as cigarette papers and filter papers. It does not yellow thanks to the low concentration of lignin.


Its cultivation does not require any pesticide or fertilizer. On the contrary, it enriches the soil with mineral substances and is therefore beneficial to the environment. Unlike wood pulp paper, hemp paper has a much more natural and raw look.


Hemp and Cannabis come from the same botanical species (Cannabis Sativa). In practice, the word "hemp" is used to talk about cannabis for "industrial" use (textile, cosmetics, food, construction) and the word "cannabis" to talk about the one whose use is recreational or medicinal (which synonyms are numerous: marijuana, hashish, Indian hemp, shit, ...). Industrial hemp must have a THC level (the cannabinoid, responsible for the psychoactive effect) lower than 0.2% to be legally marketed. 


Important: The 50x75 cm sheets have fringed edges. They will be sent to you folded. They will contain traces of folds that should not affect the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these sheets folded.

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- Enviado el Friday 21 June 2024 por Lo Y
thin and feels good, a little bit like tissue paper
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