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Compound Polyhedra: Modular Origami

Instrucciones de plegado pero también teoría para crear elegantes y bellos modelos de origami modular.

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Compound Polyhedra: Modular Origami


Origami experts know that understanding shape and geometry is vital. But building many beautiful complex shapes is not a simple matter. Mathematics at school or college rarely prepares us for such a practical task.

What origami method could possibly build complex structures like compound polyhedra?

Fergus Currie's book of geometric models of advanced modular origami has full instructions and diagrams on how to make elegant, beautiful and practical models such as:

  • The Compound of Two Cubes
  • The Compound of Two Tetrahedra
  • The Compound of the Octahedron and the Cube
  • The Compound of Three Cubes
  • The Compound of Five Octahedra
  • The Compound of Three Octahedra
  • The Compound of Three Tetrahedra
  • The Compound of the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron
  • The Small Triambic Icosahedron (STI)
  • and 11.The Compound of the STI and the Dodecahedron.

It also includes an introduction with sections on the mathematics behind the models; a short history of modular origami; a section on tools and folding techniques, and a gallery of the finished models that are presented in the book.



Product Details:
Language: English
Number of pages: 154
Format: 17x25 cm
Cover: Soft cover

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