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How to arrive to Saragossa



Come to Saragossa, it's easy!


Airport of Saragossa (Zaragoza)

The airport of Zaragoza is 10 km away and receives flights from other Spanish and European cities. It is connected to the center by taxi or bus.

Airport of Madrid or Barcelona :

If your flight arrives only at the Airport of Madrid or Barcelona, don't worry, Zaragoza is connected by high-speed train with Barcelona and Madrid, but also buses. Both trains and buses arrive at the same station, which is located just few meters away from the venue.
The bus from the Airport of Madrid can be picked up at Terminal 4.

By Car or Bus :


Since Zaragoza is strategically located from other major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Bilbao, it is possible to arrive easily to Zaragoza by car or using public transportation.

Buses depart from these other cities frequently.


Place of the Convention: 

ETOPIA Center for Art and technology 
Av. de la Cdad. de Soria, 8, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Etopia is the art and technology center of Zaragoza. It promotes an innovation culture in an open space to every citizen, company or creator that want to explore, develop or share new ideas.




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