» » » What is the "Convention for Creators" ?
What is the "Convention for Creators" ?

CfC #2

7 - 9 Feb 2020
Saragossa (Spain)

Meet hundred
famous origami designers
in a single place !

Visit Emoz Origami Museum




Q: What is this "Convention for Creators" ?
R: A convention only for Origami Designers and paper artists

Q: Who created and leads the CfC convention ?
R:  CfC Leaders : Ilan Garibi /  Nicolas Terry
     CfC Committee :  
Dave Brill /  Robert J. Lang / Jorge Pardo / Viviane Berty / Adrienne Sack

Q: Where and When ?
R: From 7 to 9 Feb 2020 in Zaragosa (Spain)

Q: What is it ?
R:  3 full days with meetings, debates and conferences to help origami designers achieve their goals :

  • How to be a better designer
  • How to be able to make a living out of our art
  • how to exhibit
  • How to curate
  • How to publish a book
  • ... and so on.

Q: Any restrictions to register ?
CfC is for Origami Designers and Paper Artists

  • If you are on this list, you can register
  • If you are not on this list, please let us know why you should be !

All Designer, Artists, editors, professionals link with paper are welcome.
If you are a young origami artists with a few designs, the CfC convention is open to you.
The convention is not open to folders who want to come just to collect autograph of famous designers :)

Q: Who managed the convention ?
R: The convention is lead by Ilan Garibi & Nicolas TERRY, under Origami-shop legal statut.

All local issues (hotels, venues, trips) are organized by Jorge Pardo from EMOZ.

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