Curlicue: Kinetic Origami
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Curlicue: Kinetic Origami

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A full colour 80 page paperback, Curlicue: Kinetic Origami is a welcome departure from traditional origami. Meticulous hand-drawn diagrams by the author showing every step in the folding process. Assia Brill (yes the wife of the famous origamist David Brill) describes several versions of her playful origami. The Curlicue is folded from parallel or tapering strips, and once finished, you'll discover extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns as you twist and rotate it. You are carefully guided with detailed diagrams and colourful photographs for 20 original designs. The Curlicue is a joy to be experienced by new folders and origami enthusiasts alike.

Product Details:
softcover: 80 pages

Date : 2014
Language: English
Product Dimensions:  28 cm x 21,7 cm

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Opinión de internautas Curlicue: Kinetic Origami (3 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Thursday 12 July 2018 por Carmen HHHH
Das Buch sieht interessanter aus, als es nach dem Öffnen war.
- Enviado el Monday 04 September 2017 por Pascal MM
Simple et amusant. Les étapes sont assez bien détaillées
- Enviado el Saturday 28 May 2016 por Françoise C
de quoi s'amuser à l'infini et épater les amis...
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