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Découvrez l'origami [Dedication of the author is possible]

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Book Description:

By creating this book, I wanted to initiate folder to origami with a new approach : 3 steps that will accompany him in the discovery of the Origami.

1) First, 25 models to fold: from the very simple but very funny "Flying candy cane" until "a little more difficult but not too" eagle. Diagrams step by step, clear and detailed will succeed for sure all the folds!

2) Then, when the models are well mastered, a second level is available: for each model a little exercise will teach to the folder to make a little farther in the art of folding by allowing it to fold new models and learn new techniques.

3) Finally, I propose a discovery of origami as Art through a gallery of outstanding color photographs of the greatest origami artists : Robert Lang, Quentin Trollip, Giang Dinh, Roman Diaz, "Vietnam Origami Group, Bernie Peyton, Vincent Floderer and Eric Joisel.

Three steps to get started in origami, and discover all its facets!


25 models diagrams step by step, including :

- "Flying Candy Cane" by Jeremy Shafer
- Frog byRoman Diaz
- Sand shark by Quentin Trollip

Product Details:
Softcover : 132 color pages
Date : 2011
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm


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Opinión de internautas Découvrez l'origami [Dedication of the author is possible] (13 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Friday 23 November 2018 por Estelle A
Très complet, permet de travailler quand on débute et aussi d'avoir une vue d'ensemble de ce qui s... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Wednesday 14 March 2018 por Nicole G
Klein aber fein. Enthält zwei meiner Lieblingsfiguren :)
- Enviado el Sunday 11 February 2018 por NATHALIE PP
Documentaire très intéressant, modèles accessibles aux débutants.
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