Drawing Origami Tome1
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Drawing Origami Tome1

Hermosa colección de origamis que presenta nuevos creadores y algunos diseños de creadores más experimentados. Dobla 36 modelos intermedios a complejos en varios estilos.

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Drawing Origami - Tome 1

The "Drawing Origami" Collection aims to "save" models from oblivion by diagramming and publishing authors who are not or no longer able to draw and share their creations.

Download a sample of the book here!

Review by Alexandre Kurth :

Review by Gilad Aharoni:

Another winner from Nicolas Terry's publishing enterprises, this book is a beautiful collection of newer designs introducing creators new to the scene, and of some designs from more seasoned creators. The variety of subjects is dazzling: Animals, human figures, objects and geometric constructions. The book is a collaboration of multiple talents: the designers sent their crude instructions to Pere and his team of folders, who took detailed step photos of the folding process. These photos were then sent to Halle, who has painstakingly recreated them as lively drawings, while peppering the entire book with small cartoons. Nicolas Terry edited everything to create an original and fun origami book.
The designs are mostly complex, and many require shaping skills and a careful choice of folding material. Each model comes with a recommendation for paper type and size, and origami-shop.com even offers a special pack of paper tailored for the designs in this book.
If I have a minor quibble about the layout of the book - it is the trendy snaking step order in the diagrams, which threw me off track a few times trying to figure out what the next step is. This may be only me, though, and doesn't detract from the value of this book.
As always with Nicolas Terry's books, the production quality is superb, and a secret code hidden within the pages will enable you to obtain some extra diagrams from the publisher. The book is available as both a hardcover and a PDF E-book.
Very highly recommended for advanced folders!

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Details :

  • Softcover 208 pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 36 models
  • Languages: English (all texts, including diagrams) and French 
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Opinión de internautas Drawing Origami Tome1 (42 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Monday 14 February 2022 por Eric P
Magnifique projet provocateur et funky, on devrait tous l'avoir dans les écoles, à côté du livre... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Tuesday 25 January 2022 por Eric A
Superbe livre bien expliqué
- Enviado el Saturday 01 January 2022 por François G
De l'origami de haut niveau pour la plupart des modèles, mais les diagrammes sont clairs et compré... (Leer más)
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