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Duo Color Origami
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Vol 7 Duo-Color Origami

Descubre por primera vez las técnicas secretas para el cambio de color del origami a través del plegado de 26 modelos que son realmente únicos. Explora una nueva forma de orig

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Duo Color Origami
Design Secrets for Origami Color Changes


Color change in origami is particularly exciting for a folder. It makes a model more attractive and often offers innovative folding sequence. With this book, Mi Wu has elevated the concept to awesome new heights making the bi-colored patterns the very topic of this book. Moreover, he succeeds in keeping the folding sequences clean, elegant and often disconcertingly inventive. These 26 models thus offer an original and unique challenge that will make you explore new ways. This book is a real breath of fresh air! Mi Wu is also the inventor of a new origami design technique for color changes that he shares for the first time in this book. 


Read feedback about the book by some of the most famous origami Masters here..


Mi Wu is one of the leaders of the Chinese origami community and the co-author of the book "One Water One World".


Details :

  • 176 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 26 models
  • Languages: English and French (all texts, including diagrams)

Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Paperback with digital book option
  • Digital book alone

    Digital edition: Too impatient to wait for the delivery of the book? Or you would like a version for your smartphone or tablet? Check the digital option above. You could download it immediately from Your Account>My downloads” as soon as we accept your payment.


Reviews by great origami masters :


I really like this book! Duo origami has a long history, but for many years it was not much more than penguins and pandas. It received a major boost from John Montroll’s landmark book, “Origami Inside-Out”, and since then origami artists have continued to show great creativity in exploring duo-colored subjects. But the designs here take the genre to an entirely new level; the works are clever, yet readily foldable, and display both beauty and inventiveness.

Robert J. Lang


Mi Wu shares some insight into his very deliberate and color-change specific design methods. His essay "Design Secrets" is a fascinating read. His concepts are written in a logical way that is sure to inspire many new and existing designers to use in their own bags of tricks.

Quentin Trollip



This is a fascinating book offering a new slant on two-colour origami design. The author explores many avenues to achieve dramatic colour changes in both flat and three-dimensional designs. He presents the background as well as his principles for this intriguing area of origami, which any enthusiastic folder should carefully study.

Dave Brill


When taking color-change into account, origami designing leaps to another level.  It only took Mi Wu 5 years to dig deep into this subject. Each work is a painting done by folding paper. Since the first time I saw his works, I have been wondering “How could he achieve that level?, How can I learn that magic?” Now I have my answer by reading his book: “Duo-color origami”. In the book you will find the secret behind the miracle thanks to the creator’s generosity in providing thoughtful articles about his process.

Nguyen Hung Cuong


Seeing his models for the first time a few years ago left me dumbfounded. The designs have compelling folding sequences with little repetition among the entire collection of origami figures. The difficulty level for the book as a whole is fairly high and the author dedicated 12 pages to explain in a fair amount of detail how he goes about designing color-changed origami.

Shuki Kato


Color change is one of the best resources in the designer's arsenal to make any model more attractive. Mi Wu has elevated the concept to awesome new heights making the bi-colored patterns the very topic of this book. How the author comes up with such complex arrangements of shapes in origami is quite baffling. The alchemy of his methods unfolds before our eyes in a whole chapter devoted to unveiling and explaining the secrets of color-change design. Mi Wu's book is one of the most alluring of the last few years.

Román Diaz



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The models in this book are incredibly creative and inspiring. The diagrams are mostly clear, but I ... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Friday 03 December 2021 por Moritz R
I very much agree with Dmitry A: there are some "here a miracle happens" steps where a clearer view ... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Saturday 21 August 2021 por Siproena J
The cards were what drew me to this book. The lion and dragon are the other models that caught my at... (Leer más)
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