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Elección del tamaño

How to choose the size of your origami papers ?


You can select a size by clicking on the appropriate section here or by selecting the "Paper size" size in the left column in the "Easy Search" seaction.


Modulars : 7.5x7.5 cm 

Modulars requires many small squares to fold and assemble. It's a good idea to use sheets with an assortment of colors or patterns to highlight the geometric aspect of the models. Examples of books with modulars.


Simple level - Beginners : 15x15 cm

Large enough for most models from simple to low intermediate level. The size is suitable for small hands of children and the sheets do not take too much space on the table during workshops. This size also minimizes errors by facilitating the folds.
- More papers 15x15 cm here
 Example of books with simple level


Intermediate level : 20x20 cm24x24 cm and 30x30 cm

The folding of intermediate models include more complex folding sequences and it is necessary to have a paper large enough to fold them without problems.

Examples of books with intermediate level


Complex level : from 30x30 cm (12''x12'')

Below this size, you may encounter problems to fold your models. The size of 30x30 cm is often the minimum size! Complex models also offer an important ratio between the size of the sheet and the final size of the model. Unless you want to fold a tiny origami world, your paper must therefore be wide enough to get a result exposable.

- 30x30 cm
- 35x35 cm

- 40x40 cm


Super complex Level : from 50x50 cm 

Do you really hope to fold the super complex dragon by kamiya Satoshi or Eagle by Nguyen Cuong with tiny papers ?

- 50x50 cm
- 60x60 cm

- 70x70 cm


Giant models : Extra large sheets



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