» » » » » » » Extra long strip Kraft - 0.5 x 7 m (20"x7.6 yards)
Extra long strip Kraft - 0.5 x 7 m (20x7.6 yards)
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Extra long strip Kraft - 0.5 x 7 m (20"x7.6 yards)

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Extra Long strip Kraft Alios 


- Format: 0.5 x 7 m (20"x7.6 yards")
- 28 gsm

To fold models requiring a long strip of paper like:
  • Cobra by Ronald Koh (Ronald Koh recommended a sheet 0.24 x 6.7 m This article will help you get 2 sheets in this format)
    Download the diagram of the Cobra near the button "Add to Cart" 
  • Cobra by Kade Chan (need a sheet 1:33 This article will help you get 8 sheets of 0.1x3.3 m or 2 sheets 0.2 x 6.6m)
    Tutorial video for the cobra here 
  • Cuckoo Clock by Robert J. Lang (need a sheet 1:10 This article will help you get 1 sheet of 0.5x5 m) Diagram in Origami Design Secret 

 + 1 € : Download legally, as exclusive item, the new version of the King Cobra's diagram by Ronald Koh
(option near the button "Add to Cart"

The money raised is donated entirely to the author.

Diagrams are in PDF format (0.5 Mo). You could download it immediately from “Your Account>My downloads” as soon as we accept your payment.
The PDF fild can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program on PC, Mac, smartphone and Tablet. 



Our advice: Stick on this kraft strip a foil paper in roller format to facilitate the shaping of the model.

Important: This sheet will be sent folded and therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the few traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model.
The kraft paper is a particularly resistant paper. Kraft also means strength/power in German. But it is usually too thick or too poor to make beautiful origami models.

Kraft paper proposed here is exceptional because:
- Extremely thin: 28 gsm
- Beautiful and high quality

- Resistant and strong
- Wet strength
 (Treaty for fogging - perfect for wet-folding)

In particular, it probably offers the best combination fine / resistance of all the papers, which makes it particularly interesting for super complex folding like Ryuzin by Kamiya Satoshi.
This paper is also particularly suitable to glue on foil papers.

This Kraft paper is usualy NOT available for sale. To get it, it was necessary to buy it directly to the factoty, then we cut ourself the kraft in square! Vincent Floderer and Crimp's team have chosen this Kraft paper to realize their crumpling.
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Opinión de internautas Extra long strip Kraft - 0.5 x 7 m (20"x7.6 yards) (7 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Saturday 18 December 2021 por Boris J
I got exactly what I wanted, but the edge is teared and not straight ( someone probably just tore it... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Friday 13 October 2017 por minho C
Although thus paper isnt like THE best it is still pretty decent. U was able to colour it with acryl... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Friday 05 February 2016 por christophe M
Le seul choix pour de longue bande de papier. Le raft est agr?able ? plier
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