Fascinant Origami
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Fascinant Origami

Colección de 20 diseños de origami fáciles de doblar

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Fascinant Origami

20 models of ... fascinating origami designed by a great master!
This book offers a series of 20 models designed by the famous origami artist Nick Robinson, which perfectly illustrate his approach to origami. For anyone who practises it, folding establishes a direct relationship with paper: once the model is made, there is not much to add; the finished model is a kind of by-product of the folding process. This is why the author devotes much more attention to the process than to the result, evaluating the different ways to obtain a precise effect and choosing what, in his opinion, makes the folding process more attractive, elegant, fluid and therefore... fascinating! The series of models presented thus arouses emotions, makes people smile or offers the opportunity to share a pleasant moment of artistic creation. Each model is accompanied by simple and clear diagrams with detailed step-by-step instructions. Flashing the QR codes with a specific app or typing the links indicated for each model gives access to video tutorials explaining all the steps of folding the different origami.



Product Details:
Paperback: 120 colors pages
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 25.5 cm


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