A complete Origami Nativity
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Folding Fantasy Vol 1

Fold new intricate origami models with a fantasy theme, from the incredible dragon to Dracula and his bats. Also discover the author's creative secrets to design origamis.

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Folding Fantasy



Fold a brand new collection of Fantasy-themed origami models by Peter Buchan-Symons, one of the UK's leading origami artists.


Designed for the most avid paper folders, this book will teach you how to create some of the world's most intricate origami models through nearly 1500 step-by-step diagrams.


In addition to these instructions, discover the author's unique insights into design methodology in the "Behind the Design" sections.


Foreword by Marc Kirschenbaum:

"Back as recently as 2021, I had the opportunity to sample Peter Buchan-SymonsA Complete Origami Nativity, which features thoughtfully designed yuletide pieces. Further research revealed that he has over two decades of folding experience under his belt, and other intermediate level origami books. None of these prepared me for this over-the-top collection of fantasy themed origami works. These are all advanced works covering unusually creative subjects.

Buchan-Symons makes no apologies for the difficulty level of this collection, containing diagrams upwards of nearly three-hundred steps. Folders with an appetite for tricky sequences will have the opportunity to put their papers through some interesting contortions. It should be stated that the level of instruction clarity is excellent – a monumental task considering the level of detail contained.
As with his previous tome, Buchan-Symons expounds on the development of each model, often devoting pages of explanation on the design techniques utilized. This over the shoulder approach is fascinating, and especially interesting as various design approaches are explored. You will get to see how disparate methods like box pleating and circle packing are best exploited.
I always appreciate the thoughtful artistic details that some of the better origami artists come up with. Who would have thought a snout would be an important detail, but the way Buchan-Symons executes the one in his Alicorn it feels necessary. The way the deep eye sockets are formed in his Wolf are hauntingly effective.
Many of these pieces have a whimsical element, but then how could one not while rendering something like a Dragon Dog? Some of the artistic fun is reserved for the folder. The Vampire provides a carefully prepped canvas for you to flaunt your shaping skills. With the excellent work contained in these pages, here is hoping that Volume Two of this series comes soon!"


Peter Buchan-Symons is a full-time origami designer and artist living in Oxford, UK. He likes complex designs and has a particular interest in making origami accessible so that others can also enjoy folding paper as much as he does.


If he isn't folding paper, he's probably overanalysing the next move in a board game, volunteering at church, or pulling a harmless, environmentally-friendly prank on his unsuspecting housemates.

Details :

  • 186 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 13 models
  • Languages: English

Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Paperback with digital book option
  • Digital book alone
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Paper suggestions for each model :


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Opinión de internautas Folding Fantasy Vol 1 (4 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Saturday 17 December 2022 por Valérie A
Des modeles originaux. Livre, comme toujours d'excellente qualité :)
- Enviado el Friday 16 December 2022 por Arjan W
Great book with great diagrams!
- Enviado el Wednesday 09 November 2022 por Florian V
Après avoir essayé de plier une bonne partie des modèles (il me reste le goblin, et les 2 dragons... (Leer más)
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