» » » » » WHITE - "Gerard Handmade papers" - 1 sheet - 40x40 cm
WHITE - Gerard Handmade papers - 1 sheet - 40x40 cm
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WHITE - "Gerard Handmade papers" - 1 sheet - 40x40 cm

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One "Gerard Handmade" sheet

  • 30 g/m²
  • 40x40 cm 
  • Fibers : Acaba

John Gerard, an American artist and papermaker, opened his paper workshop in 1985. His extraordinary understanding of the paper medium allows to make a new and unique paper with exceptional quality, perfectly suitable to complex origami models.
The single color sheets are noted for their transparency, gloss, crispness and their beautiful hard sound.


Origami-shop has the exclusive sale of this paper !

Warning : Each sheet is handmade. Therefore, the colors may vary slightly from one sheet to another. Besides,  the edges are not cut and you will have to cut the sheet as square. Finally, the weight may vary from one sheet to another. By purchasing this item, you accept the imperfections and variations inherent in this type of handmade product.

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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas WHITE - "Gerard Handmade papers" - 1 sheet - 40x40 cm (1 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Wednesday 06 February 2019 por Andreas MMMMMMMMMMMM
I very thin and surprisingly stiff paper. Folds very well but is hard to get it flat again once it g... (Leer más)
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