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Insectos de origami + 60 hojas de papel de origami

Este libro ofrece el plegado de 20 insectos de diversas formas y colores: desde mariquitas hasta escorpiones, libélulas y orugas.

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Origami insects

Since the dawn of the ancient art of paper folding, insects have been part of the origami repertoire.
Traditional folding techniques lend themselves well to their creation, with the long tapered wings that characterize the classic starting shapes representing the appendages of these animals.


The origami insects in this book are simple enough for most people to start making them. Marc Kirschenbaum was inspired by old cartoon characters to create the basics for some of the models, which give the insects an attractive appearance.


The book includes 20 designs in a variety of shapes and colors: from ladybugs to scorpions, dragonflies and caterpillars, plus 60 sheets of high-quality, detachable paper in a wide range of colors and patterns that enhance the lines of these beautiful origami. Each design is accompanied by simple, clear diagrams with detailed instructions, not to mention a QR code and link to the video tutorial outlining the folding process.


Product Details :

Language : French
Number of pages: 164
Format: 22 cm x 29 cm
Cover : Soft cover


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