Olympiad 2011 [e-book Edition]
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Olympiad 2011 [e-book Edition]

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Product Details:

The International Origami Olympiad is a friendly contest which offer each year a list of new models to fold by the participants.


This is the selection for 2011:


Full Diagrams:

Challenge 1: Japanese Flag - Artur Biernacki (Flickr Books)
Challenge 2: Heart with Butterfly - Andrey Lukyanov (Website Books)

Challenge 3: Crab - Nguyen Hung Cuong (Flickr Books)
Challenge 4: Scarabée vert du rosier - Yarcev Sergey (website)

Challenge 5: Pélican - Benoit Zenker (Flickr)


CPs (+ Diagramme partiel du modèle pour former les plis du CP)
Challenge 6: Mr Rabbit - Nicolas Gajardo Henriquez (Flickr)
Challenge 7: Collie - Nicolas Gajardo Henriquez (Flickr)





Modulaire :

Challenge 8: "kusudama Lotus crown" - Maria Sinayskaya (Website)


Tesselations / Corrugations :

Challenge 9: Chapeau d'Andrey Ermakov (Flickr / Books)

Challenge 10: La Corona - Petter Keller

Challenge 11: Triangle Tess Pattern - Daniel Kwan

Challenge 12: Hedgehog - Eric Joisel (Website)


Product Details:
Format : PDF 2.3 Mo

Language : English
Nombre de pages : 61 pages 


Credits photos & folds:

Japanese Flag: Dzmitry Lysiuk / Heart with butterfly: Kunsulu Jilkishiyeva / Crab: Pere Olivella / Green Rose Chafer: Sergey Bezrukov / Pelican: Atilla Yurtkul /Mr.Rabbit: Dzmitry Lysiuk / Collie: Pere Olivella / Lotus crown: Dzmitry Lysiuk / Hat: Dzmitry Lysiuk /  La Corona: Dzmitry Lysiuk / Triangle Tess Pattern: Atilla Yurtkul / Hedgehog: Sergey Bezrukov

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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas Olympiad 2011 [e-book Edition] (7 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Tuesday 06 August 2019 por Alan HHHH
An e-book with some very interesting designs! :-)
- Enviado el Sunday 25 November 2018 por Guy B
very nice book. Eric's Joisel's Hedgehog was my reason to buy it and indeed the FULL diagram is insi... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Friday 26 August 2016 por Mahesh PP
WE had to get the first Olympiad booklet. WE love the rabbit!!
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