Olympiad 2015 [e-book Edition]
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Olympiad 2015 [e-book Edition]

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Product Details:

The International Origami Olympiad is a friendly contest which offer each year a list of new models to fold by the participants.


This is the selection for 2015:


Full Diagrams:


Task 1: Heart with butterfly - Andrey Lukyanov
Task 2: Rooster - Nathan Zimet
Task 3: Feast of the king - Sébastien Limet
Task 4: In the frame -  Andrey Ermakov
Task 5: Gorilla - Juston Hairgrove

Modular :

Task 6: Miranda star sonobe - Uniya Filonova


CP :

Task 7: Spider - Yasuhi Miyashita


Tesselations :

Task 8: Windmills - Martin Laube

Task 9: Sea knot - Ryoichi Takagi

Task 10: Turtle - Eric Joisel (reconstructed by Andrey Ermakov)



Corrugation :

Task 11: Marguerite - Viviane Berty


Product Details:

Format : PDF 6 Mo

Language : English
Nombre de pages : 68 pages 

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- Enviado el Tuesday 06 August 2019 por Alan HHHHH
An e-book with some very interesting designs! Love the kingfisher eating a fish from one piece of pa... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Wednesday 03 August 2016 por Mathieu TT
Bon ouvrage avec des modèles bien détaillés (comme les Olympiads précédents). Les diagrammes so... (Leer más)
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