» » » » » » Pack: Lokta - 10 colors - 10 sheets - 20x20 cm
Pack: Lokta  - 10 colors - 10 sheets - 20x20 cm
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Pack: Lokta - 10 colors - 10 sheets - 20x20 cm

10 squares - 10 colors - 2 different kinds of lokta

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Koala par Gachepapier

Details :

- Pack 10 squares 20x20 cm (7.9"x7.9")


This package is exclusive to the store: Lokta sheets are cut and packaged by us.


10 squares thin lokta papers 20x20 cm - Colors :



Qualities : attractive texture, softness, durability, strength and resistance with a silky texture imitating to perfection the fur of an animal.

Lokta paper is handmade in the mountains of Nepal from the inner bark of this bush. The exceptional quality of the paper is due to the hype from the bark thoroughly cleaned, which does not break the fibers but relax them.The papers made from Lokta are non-perishable in the water. These papers are easy to dye in water with colors.



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Opinión de internautas Pack: Lokta - 10 colors - 10 sheets - 20x20 cm (5 Comentarios)

stars_5 - Enviado el martes 26 febrero 2019 por Xavier HHHH
Excelente. En buenas condiciones.
stars_5 - Enviado el domingo 21 diciembre 2014 por Riana-Fitiavana R
Très beaux papiers en effet, agréables à plier tels quel ou en sandwich avec du papier métallis... (Leer más)
stars_5 - Enviado el viernes 07 marzo 2014 por Martin A
Awesome paper. Just about to make Scrat from ice age and realy enjoy the copperfoilpaper. Looking fo... (Leer más)
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