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Magic Precrease Tools
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Magic Precrease Tools

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Magic Precrease Tools

 They will help you to precrease easily your folds.



this item:


- For precreasing, and particularly precreasing of complex models which needs to be the more accurate as possible
- For the double using of this tool that you can insert easily inside the model: the rounded tip help for the shaping and can pull out layers with no risk of tearing.


Do not choose

this item:


- to make creases on small flaps: this tool is indeed usefull for the precreasing, while a folding tool is more practical to make creases on small flaps while folding. These two tools are complementary.              




- Switching between this tool and a folding tool:

1) Start by precrease the main creases of the model with the Precrease Tool
2) Use the folding tool to make the other creases, flatten the multi-layers, and fold the flaps.

3) Finish the shaping with the Precrease Tool: put it in the inside of the model to pull out the layers, and rub the inside.


Product Details:

- 2  Curat Magis Precrease Tools with doubloe tip
- 3 sizes of tips
- Size: 5.5''x0.4"
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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas Magic Precrease Tools (39 Comentarios)

stars_5 - Enviado el lunes 25 noviembre 2019 por marco ZZZZZZ
A couple of tool really important for origami works. They help to fix a first trace of a crease, rea... (Leer más)
stars_4 - Enviado el lunes 18 noviembre 2019 por David GRGR
Desing of the tool seems robust. Time will tell!
stars_4 - Enviado el jueves 04 julio 2019 por Nicholas C
Do what they say and can also be used to poke into smaller areas for shaping when needed
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