Kamiki's Seasonal Origami Vol 3
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154 models to fold and play with!

Un libro con 154 modelos para plegar, incluyendo dinosaurios, animales e insectos, pero también vehículos y mucho más.

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154 models to fold and play with!


A book featuring 154 origami models including dinosaurs, animals and insects, but also vehicles and much more! Folding instructions with photos show you exactly how to fold them! For many models, you can also play with them, or even make them fly!

Feel the limitless imagination in a single sheet of paper! The author is Fumiaki Shingu, who has written over 50 origami books in Japan and abroad.


Table of Contents:

  • Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs
  • Insects and Reptiles
  • Wild Animals
  • Creatures of the Sea and Air
  • Vehicles
  • Folds for Fun

Product Details:

Language : Japanese
Number of pages : 190
Format : 18 cm x 23 cm
Cover : Softcover

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Notas y comentarios

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