Modular Origami Kaleidoscope
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Modular Origami Kaleidoscope

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Modular Origami Kaleidoscope

This guide presents step-by-step instructions for over 30 elaborate modular origami figures that range difficulty from easy stars to intricate kusudamas. Modular origami is the technique of composing larger objects from the small and relatively simple units, or modules. The figures created through modular origami are highly symmetric and look intricate. The method of modular origami offers a great flexibility in shapes you can achieve, while keeping the single unit relatively simple. Modular origami is a great creative hobby for those who adore art, origami, and construction sets. 


About the Author
Ekaterina Lukasheva is a contemporary origami artist from Russia. She was first acquainted with origami as a young student, quickly adopting it as her hobby. Her interest continued to increase as she began her studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University as a student of mathematics and cybernetics. It was then that she began inventing her own unique, modular origami models. After a successful launch of her website,, she unwittingly developed a fan base from around the world. Bolstered by worldwide interest and support for her origami explorations and inspired by origami artists such as Tomoko Fuse and Robert Lang, Ekaterina has gathered some of her favorite models to share in her first book on modular origami: Kusudama Origami. Ekaterina Lukasheva was born in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from Lomonosov MSU, receiving her PhD four years later. She lives with her husband Boris and their cat Eva.



Product Details:
softcover: 82 pages

Date : 2016
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 28x22 cm

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Opinión de internautas Modular Origami Kaleidoscope (3 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Tuesday 10 September 2019 por Valérie AAAA
Grand choix de modeles. adapté a tous les niveaux. meme si le livre est en anglais il est suffisamm... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Wednesday 28 September 2016 por Patricio H
Muy bien, el libro esta muy bueno y sirve para hacer modulares
- Enviado el Wednesday 15 June 2016 por Michel L
Plus d'une trentaine de magnifiques modèles de kusudamas.
Les modules sont des merveilles d'i... (Leer más)
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