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Nick Robinson's Collection: Vol 1. Origami with Love

Colección de 21 modelos de origami de nivel sencillo a intermedio con un tema romántico.

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Nick Robinson's Collection : Vol 1. Origami with Love


Nick Robinson is one of the most prolific origami author, having written nearly 100+ books of origami. Today, he starts his own origami collection books. Each volume presents a new thematic.

This first volume talk about love with a
 collection of 21 models (simple to intermediate) with a romantic theme. It includes an introduction, a guide to common folding symbols and a “what next?” page. The printed edition includes a bonus model – “Heart Box” (by the author) and comes in a shelf-friendly A5 format.


Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Paperback with digital book option (soon available)
  • Digital book alone

    Digital edition: Too impatient to wait for the delivery of the book? Or you would like a version for your smartphone or tablet? Check the digital option above. You could download it immediately from Your Account>My downloads” as soon as we accept your payment.

Product Details:
Step by step folding instructions for 20 origami models (ebook format) + 1 bonus for the physical book

Paperback: 46 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: A5 (15x21 cm)



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